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Wesley Financial Group Complaints: Seeing Right Through Timeshare Tactics Used to Break You Down

When we were children there were certain tactics that were used to break us down. There was always a way to win us over as children, and usually, it involved going to a favorite place, getting a new toy, or getting candy. We would usually do whatever our parents asked us as long as one of these things happened. As we get older, people change what they do in order to get us to do things for them. As we age, we wise up. We don’t let ourselves do things so easily unless it is worth our while. Throughout life, there are different things that we do because we’ve been broken down into doing them.

At Wesley Financial Group, complaints we hear most often are about sales practices used to get victims to buy a timeshare.

In the timeshare industry, there are multiple sale tactics used to get you to purchase timeshares. Unfortunately, some of them are deceptive and pushy. At Wesley Financial Group, complaints about timeshare companies and their deceptive sales tactics are what we hear a lot about. For our clients at Wesley Financial Group, complaints about the deceitful ways in which timeshare companies manipulated them are all too common.

How often have you seen offers that are just too good to be true? Take, for instance, the free vacation offer from timeshare companies. There’s a little catch to those free vacation offers.  Often times, you’ll need to sit through a presentation in order to get that free vacation. Sitting through a presentation can’t be that bad, can it?

Deceptive & High-Pressure Sales Tactics Used By Timeshare Companies: The Free Vacation

Wesley Financial Group complaints are very rare; we have a 100% success rate.

Based on what we’ve heard from various sources and our clients at Wesley Financial Group, complaints about these presentations are very widespread. There comes a time when lines need to be drawn about what is reasonable and what is unreasonable. In an article published in Moneycrashers.com, Christy Rakoczy lists the common ways that timeshare companies try to break you down during presentations:

“First and foremost, be prepared for very high-pressure sales tactics at the presentation. Some of these tactics include:

  1. Keeping You for Longer Than the Allotted Time. Many visitors report being kept for hours, or even full days, at presentations that were supposed to last only 90 minutes.
  2. Creating a False Sense of Urgency. Timeshare presenters paint a picture of how much you can benefit from owning a timeshare, and then tell you that you must act now or buy before you leave the presentation.” (Rakoczy, n.d.).

The first thing that comes to mind after reading these two tactics is pure exhaustion. Being held longer than you were told to brings to mind pure exhaustion, and the desperate need to say almost anything to get out of where you are stuck. The false sense of urgency also plays upon this exhaustion. If you been spoken to for much longer than you intended, you start to wear down. If you’re only mentally prepared for 90 minutes, then anything beyond 90 minutes starts to wear on you. Rakoczy continues in her article to detail what goes in during timeshare presentations:

3. Not Disclosing Cancellation Periods. When you do agree to sign a timeshare contract, it is unlikely you will be told of your right to cancel.

4. Arguing Aggressively Against Objections. Timeshare presenters usually have an answer for everything, and they always have a way to counter any excuse you might come up with.” (Rakoczy, n.d.).

Most of us don’t have an answer to everything, and it’s hard to be confronted with people who act as if they do. Notwithstanding that difficulty, not disclosing cancellation periods is a shocking business practice. If this is what you went through when you purchased your timeshare, you need professionals from Wesley Financial Group to help you. At Wesley Financial Group, complaints that we have heard from our clients often include what is mentioned in this list and more. Reach out to us if you have been the victim of timeshare fraud. Some of what is mentioned in this list may be hitting home for you if you have been the victim of timeshare fraud.

You would think that it couldn’t get any worse, but it does:

5. Using Guilt as a Means of Coercion. Timeshare presenters may say anything to make you feel guilty, from alleging that they won’t be paid if you don’t buy a timeshare, to trying to make you feel bad for accepting the “free” stay without making a purchase.

6. Lying About the Investment Value. Timeshare sales reps often significantly overstate the benefits of owning a timeshare and the value of the timeshares they are selling.

7. Obscuring the True Costs of Ownership. The focus during presentations is on the low costs of ownership, and you never hear upfront about any of the restrictions or fees.

8. Bombarding You With Multiple Pitches From Different Salespeople. Before you are able to escape, you may need to deal with multiple salespeople, as well as “managers,” all of whom use different, highly aggressive tactics to get you to buy.” (Rakoczy, n.d.).

These last few on the list really hit below the belt. Using guilt as a way of finagling people out of their hard-earned money is crass and uncivilized. The verbs that Rakoczy uses in the following list speak volumes about timeshare companies that deceive: lying, obscuring, and bombarding. These alone give you an inkling that these sales tactics are purely deceptive. Sadly, many people fall victim to timeshare fraud from circumstances such as these.

“These are just some of the high-pressure tactics employed by timeshare marketers. In fact, many people on various online complaint and scam message boards report that as a result of the high-pressure tactics that they faced, they bought timeshares despite their clear intent not to. While you may believe that you can stand up to the pressure, you won’t really know until you’ve dealt with the sales professionals whose sole job it is to get you to buy a timeshare – even if you don’t really want one.” (Rakoczy, n.d.). Rakoczy hits the nail on the head. You don’t think that you would give in unless you want to, but these deceptive and high-pressure sales tactics are used for a reason. They are used to get you to buy into a timeshare. This is something that has been going on for years, and it doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon. So, what do you do if you have been the victim of timeshare fraud? Who do you turn to for help? You turn to Wesley Financial Group.

Getting Help From Wesley Financial Group: Complaints About Timeshare Companies

When you finish with Wesley Financial Group, complaints about the past will be replaced with a future of victory.

Timeshare Stoppers – Wesley Financial Group can get you through your timeshare troubles. As we’ve said, from various sources and our clients at Wesley Financial Group, complaints such as the ones stated above are widespread. People go to these presentations and are pressured into buying timeshares. Deceptive and high-pressure sales tactics are used to get people to buy into these timeshares. If you or someone you love has been duped in a timeshare, it’s not too late. At Wesley Financial Group, complaints are something we are used to hearing, and we can help you get through whatever timeshare fraud you’re dealing with. Whether you are trying to cancel your timeshare or reduce your level of ownership, come to us. Find the time to contact our offices today.

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