The Science of Lying: Overcoming the Obstacles of Timeshare Deception with the Assistance of Wesley Financial Group 

Timeshare deception have you flabbergasted? What is behind the science of lying? How come so many of us fall victim to deceptive practices? If you have been on the receiving end of foul play, these questions and more have probably crossed your mind. What do you do in order to overcome such obstacles? Who can you contact? In the timeshare advocacy industry, time and time again,Timeshare Stoppers - Presentation Wesley Financial Group has been the company to turn to in times like these. Whether you are attempting to cancel your timeshare or reduce your level of ownership, we can help you achieve your goal. But what is behind the science of lying?

Facing the Fact that It’s all a Pack of Lies: Why We Fall for Lies in the First Place

Lies are something that we all must face from time to time. In the timeshare advocacy industry, at Wesley Financial Group, we often find ourselves helping out individuals who have had to deal with various lies about their timeshare. In his article, Why We Lie: The Science Behind Our Deceptive Ways,Yudhijit Bhattacharjee discusses the science of lying. He tells various stories of people taking lying to the extreme, and he also addresses why we as humans accept lies. Bhattacharjee asks various experts in the field of lying about the reasons people are duped.

“Much of the knowledge we use to navigate the world comes from what others have told us. Without the implicit trust that we place in human communication, we would be paralyzed as individuals and cease to have social relationships. “We get so much from believing, and there’s relatively little harm when we occasionally get duped,” says Tim Levine, a psychologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, who calls this idea the truth default theory.” (Bhattacharjee, 2017).

As the paragraph above states, it is essential for us to trust others in order to maintain social relationships. But what is it about our make-up that causes us to be so trustworthy? How come we believe others with abandon, especially when it comes to our hard-earned money? When we find ourselves losing our hard-earned money because of a falsehood or lie, we start to question our ability to decipher between right and wrong. Before you beat yourself up about your current position, give yourself a break. At Wesley Financial Group, we are here to help lighten the burden that has been placed on your shoulders. A burden that is a result of falsehoods or lies. As we ponder what makes us so vulnerable, let’s go back to the article from National Geographic. Here, Bhattacharjee’s article continues to discuss what it is about us that makes us believe so easily.

“Being hardwired to be trusting makes us intrinsically gullible. “If you say to someone, ‘I am a pilot,’ they are not sitting there thinking: ‘Maybe he’s not a pilot. Why would he say he’s a pilot?’ They don’t think that way,” says Frank Abagnale, Jr., a security consultant whose cons as a young man, including forging checks and impersonating an airline pilot, inspired the 2002 movie Catch Me if You Can. “This is why scams work, because when the phone rings and the caller ID says it’s the Internal Revenue Service, people automatically believe it is the IRS. They don’t realize that someone could manipulate the caller ID.” (Bhattacharjee, 2017).

You may or may not remember the film Catch Me if You Can, starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. The above referenced expert in the field of lying is the man on whom the movie is based. As an albeit “successful” scammer himself, Frank Abagnale, Jr. candidly reflects upon why people are able to be duped in scams. Part of it appears to be the element of surprise. We don’t expect people to lie to our faces, or on the phone for that matter. Perhaps we believe that people are as honest as we are. At Wesley Financial Group, you mustn’t feel the need to explain why you think you were targeted and duped in the first place. It doesn’t matter to us. All that matters are that we can be of the utmost assistance to you in your time of difficulty. Bhattacharjee’s article further dissects why people fall for lies.

“Robert Feldman, a psychologist at the University of Massachusetts, calls that the liar’s advantage. “People are not expecting lies, people are not searching for lies,” he says, “and a lot of the time, people want to hear what they are hearing.” We put up little resistance to the deceptions that please us and comfort us—be it false praise or the promise of impossibly high investment returns. When we are fed falsehoods by people who have wealth, power, and status, they appear to be even easier to swallow, as evidenced by the media’s credulous reporting of Lochte’s robbery claim, which unraveled shortly thereafter.” (Bhattacharjee, 2017).

Timeshare Stoppers - PlanningHere, the article takes another turn, adding that we are more susceptible, “When we are fed falsehoods by people who have wealth, power, and status, they appear to be even easier to swallow…” (Bhattacharjee, 2017). Thus, when we are dealing with massive companies that deal in timeshares, it is easier for us to believe anything that they may be telling us. We are inherently less likely to think that we are being taken advantage of because of the “wealth, power, and status” of certain companies. That is easy to understand. How could a company continue to be in business if there were any falsehoods or lies connected to them? That is something that we would ask ourselves.

Although the article about the science of lying is interesting, do not become overly concerned with why and how in which someone may have lied to you. Here, at Wesley Financial Group, we are only concerned about whether we can help you achieve your desired result. That includes whether or not you wish to cancel your timeshare or reduce your level of ownership.

Wesley Financial Group Can Help You in Your Time of Need 

As evidenced by the article, we are all susceptible to falling for lies. What should we do when we need help ascertaining what step we should take next, especially if we have been duped in a timeshare? That is when it’s time to call Wesley Financial Group. At Wesley Financial Group, we will understand how it feels to be the victim of falsehood. Coming to terms with the fact that you have been lied to can be quite a harsh reality to accept. Please feel free to contact our offices and schedule a time we can talk about your situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Now that you know a little more about the science of lying, give yourself a little slack. Remember that we are here to help you. You won’t be judged at our offices. The timeshare advocacy industry was created for a reason, so let us do our job at Wesley Financial Group.

Bhattacharjee, Yudhijit. (June 2017). Why We Lie: The Science Behind Our Deceptive Ways.,