At Wesley Financial, phone scam or otherwise, we’ve seen all sorts of timeshare fraud tactics used to deceive innocent consumers. If you or someone you know has been duped in a timeshare, you have options. Although life may have some unsolvable disappointments, rectifying your timeshare fraud shouldn’t be one of them. If you’ve been deceived when purchasing a timeshare, there is something that you can do about it. Contact Wesley Financial. Phone scam, email or otherwise, we’re very familiar with timeshare fraud. As a leader in the timeshare cancellation industry, we do everything in our power to help our clients. We want you to rest assured once you’ve contacted us.

Tackling Timeshare Blues

At Wesley Financial, phone scam victims are the clients we help.

Although you may have already taken steps to contact us, you may still feel down about your timeshare mess. You shouldn’t once you’ve reached out to us to help you with your timeshare woes. But sometimes we need to refocus our thoughts in order to get them in the right place again. In an article written by Dr. Susan Noonan, she tackles how we can cope with disappointments in life.

“Disappointments are part of our daily life. For many reasons things don’t always turn out as we plan or would like. It could be the job you didn’t get, a failed relationship, or other life’s challenges. Maybe you had unrealistic expectations for how things would turn out. It could be in the planning, the execution, your effort, other people, or lots of things. When faced with disappointment you can either curl up in a corner, crumbled in defeat. Or you can keep moving forward. Some people become stuck by the loss and can’t seem to get beyond it. Others have a persistence and determination that allows them to keep moving on in the face of disappointment and setbacks. What makes them different? How do you learn to cope in a healthier way?” (Noonan, 2016). In cases of timeshare fraud, we’ve seen it all at Wesley Financial. Phone scams, emails scams, or otherwise, we’re here to help you get past any timeshare mess that was a result of fraud. You may want to consider Dr. Noonan’s recommendations if you still feel bad about being duped in a timeshare.

Moving Past Timeshare Sadness

Dr. Noonan continues, “A person who crumbles in defeat may have a more narrow view of his or her life, and believes his options are fairly limited. He puts all of his efforts, hopes and dreams into one small area. Maybe his expectations were overly ambitious and not realistic. He may have limited problem-solving skills so that if and when things don’t work out in one area of his life, it feels catastrophic. He then feels defeated. He cannot see alternatives that will bring him similar satisfaction or pleasure. This may make him feel powerless to create change in his life. A person who is able to keep going in spite of setbacks or disappointments may have a broader view of himself, life in general and his world. He believes that he has several options or alternatives in life, so that if one thing fails he sees other things to move on to. Perhaps the goals he set are more realistic and attainable. Having choices and control over those choices gives him a more optimistic view of the world, knowing that it is within his power to change his circumstances.” (Noonan, 2016).

We have seen a lot of what our clients have had to go to prior to contacting us at Wesley Financial. Phone scam, email or otherwise, we know that our clients have had their hands full. If you are the victim of timeshare fraud, you shouldn’t feel bad about what happened. It’s time to move past timeshare sadness, and do something about it. If you’ve already contacted us, then try to remember it is not your fault for what happened. If you haven’t reached out to us yet, consider contacting our office for guidance about what to do with your timeshare issues that stem from deceit.

Dr. Noonan states, “Sometimes things don’t work out ― it happens to all of us. During those times it is most helpful to put the disappointing event in perspective. It’s one part in the overall path of your life. Try not to give that one event the power to control the rest of your life. Accept that an experience causing disappointment happened, recognize the effects it may have on your life, and then put it in the past. Try not to dwell on what did or did not occur.” (Noonan, 2016).

If you’ve been taken advantage of by a timeshare company, there’s nothing else you can do except contact someone who can help you fight it. At Wesley Financial, phone scam, email or otherwise, we’ve seen all the tricks that are used on innocent consumers. If you’ve been duped in a timeshare, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Wesley Financial. We would be more than happy to help you out of your timeshare troubles.

Help From Wesley Financial: Phone Scam or Otherwise, If It’s Timeshare Fraud, We’ll Here for You

Wesley Financial phone scam "therapy" includes helping you get rid of that timeshare.

Dr. Noonan’s article ends, “Following a disappointment, it’s helpful to sharpen your problem solving skills. Here are some easy steps to remember: First, identify the problem you have. Think about how you personally impact the problem, what you currently do to make it better or worse. These are things that you have control over and can potentially change. Next, write down the costs to you of doing nothing and the benefits of solving the problem. This will help you get motivated for change. The next step is to think of your options, all the different things you could possibly do to correct the problem. Learn as much as you can about the problem and those options. Make a list of the pros and cons of each option. Finally, select the best solution, and identify what steps are needed to begin working on the solution, including the people you will ask to help you. This will help you to work through disappointments and setbacks.” (Noonan, 2016).

The Wesley Financial phone scam detection process will uncover the fraud you experienced.

Dr. Noonan provides some great advice on how to deal with disappointment. Her recommendations may be very useful when trying to stay positive in the midst of timeshare issues. If you or someone you know has been duped in a timeshare, contact us at Wesley Financial. Phone scam or otherwise, if it is timeshare fraud, we can help you. As leaders in the timeshare cancellation industry, we have a 100% proven success rate.

Let us alleviate any disappointment by getting you out of your timeshare contract. Schedule time out of your day to contact a member of our team. We’d be happy to explain all of your options with you. Don’t let disappointment with timeshare fraud drag you down when there is something you can do about it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help today. Let your timeshare disappointment be a thing of the past.

Noonan, MD., Susan J. (August 1, 2016). How To Cope With Life When Disappointment Overwhelms Us.,