Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell: We Fight Battles Against Deceptive Timeshare Companies For You

Let the Drum Roll Please

Have you ever listened to the triumphant sound of Richard Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”? Some of you may remember it being played in the 1980s commercial for Maxell. A guy sits on an arm chair as the “Ride of the Valkyries” blares through the speaker in front of him. The sound is supposed to be so intense that it causes wind to blow, and the gentleman’s wine glass starts to slip away at the sheer force of the wind/sound. The song has often been used as a signal or call to battle. The Valkyries come from Viking/Norse lore. These female spirits are said to decide which warriors survive the battle and which warriors won’t. The fierce idea of these Valkyries is the inspiration and title of one of Richard Wagner’s pieces of music, “Ride of the Valkyries” from his Magnum Opus. Music has been used to get people ready for battle for centuries. We can take a look at movies, television shows, and commercials for ideas on how this appeared throughout time.

Timeshare Stoppers - DrummerWhen armies used to go into battle, they would have drums playing to encourage the soldiers into battle. You may have seen this when you’ve watch a war re-enactment, or you’ve watched a battle on TV or in film. Whether it’s the battle scenes in “Braveheart” starring Mel Gibson as William Wallace, or the beginning battle scene in “Gladiator” with Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius, the musical score written for the film is getting you ready to go into battle with them.

Getting Ready for Battle With Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell

At Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell, we won’t make you listen to inspirational and triumphant music to get you ready to battle your timeshare foes on your own. (Although that music is exciting to listen to.) Instead, we will fight the timeshare battle for you. Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll go to battle for you. You don’t need to go to battle by yourself anymore, and you don’t need to ride out with the cavalry. We won’t let timeshare companies and their salespeople take advantage of you and get away with it. But there is one thing that we can recommend for you, and that is to put on your armor.

Armoring Against Timeshare Troubles

You’ve come to Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell to sort out your timeshare troubles. Without a doubt, you are the victim of timeshare fraud. Maybe deceptive sales tactics were used against you in order to get you to upgrade your timeshare. In the alternative, maybe you were convinced through deceptive sales tactics to purchase a timeshare. Either way, it’s time to put your armor on. Although you’ve come to Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell to fight this battle for you, it may still be a bumpy ride. The best thing you can do is put your armor on, and don’t let things get to you. If you start to worry, let that worry bounce right off that armor you put on. One of the reasons you came to us is so that you don’t have to fight the timeshare battle, so let us fight the fight for you. We’re good at what we do for a number of reasons, and that includes the way we treat our customers and run our business.

King Arthur’s Court & Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell: Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Timeshare Stoppers - Crowned StatueWhen we think of Knights at the Round Table, King Arthur’s Court, we see all the gallantry and chivalry that most of us wish still existed today. Believe it or not, it does. You just have to find the right people. King Arthur and his court stood for truth and justice. Camelot, as it was affectionately called, was the name of the castle where King Arthur built his magnificent court.

Here is where chivalry and gallantry flourished. The idea of behind chivalry stems from such medieval knights, and the code that they followed.

Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell aspires to continually treat our clients with chivalry and kindness. One of the main tenets of chivalry was helping those who needed your help. Wesley Financial Group has fought many battles against timeshare companies, and we have been successful in all our battles. If we don’t think that we can successfully win your battle, then we will let you know as soon as possible. We don’t lead any potential clients on. A part of what many people feel is lost nowadays is the idea of duty. We know that we have a duty to our clients to do the utmost for them, and to win their battles for them.

King Arthur’s Round Table

According to legend, within Camelot’s halls were King Arthur’s Round Table. This is the table that King Arthur and his knights sat around. The poignant part of the Round Table is its shape. The fact that the table was round meant that there was no head of the table. Everyone was seated equally around, and thus emphasized the equality between King Arthur and his knights. No one person who sat at the Round Table was better than another.

Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell also believes in this equality. We treat all our clients equally, and we will do our utmost for each and every one of them. We strive to be the best warriors for our clients while battling timeshare companies. You came to us for help, and we want to show you how slaying the giant is done. Similar to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, we battle for truth and justice for our clients.

Fighting Foes with Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell

If you are the victim of timeshare fraud, you are not alone. At Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell, we can help you get back on your feet. Whether you want to reduce your level of ownership or you want to completely cancel your timeshare, our team can fight those battles for you. We have represented numerous clients over the years who have been deceived into purchasing a timeshare or upgrading their timeshare. They came to us to help fight their foes in the timeshare industry, and they came to the right place.

Since 1989, we have been fighting countless battles for our clients against unscrupulous characters in the timeshare industry. As leaders in the timeshare advocacy industry, we have faced battles with companies of all sizes. We have been successful in all our fights. Yes, we have a 100% proven success rate. Our team at Wesley Financial understands the hardships experienced when you try to face timeshare companies on your own. Contact our offices today to schedule an appointment. We’ll get you talking to one of our team members as soon as possible. Wesley Financial Group has the experience and skills that you have been looking for in a timeshare advocacy company. We’ve successfully fought battles all these years, and we won’t stop fighting these battles until consumers aren’t taken advantage of by deceitful timeshare companies and their representatives. Beat the deceit with the help of Wesley Financial Group. We’ll fight the battle for you.