Why Is It So Hard To Cancel A Timeshare?

Why Is It So Hard To Cancel A Timeshare?

Canceling your timeshare should not be difficult. So many people end up regretting their timeshare purchase but are ultimately left unable to escape from the rising expenses that it bears. Why is it that these vacation properties are so troublesome when it comes to canceling them? 

To put it simply, the timeshare industry cannot afford for you to leave. And the resorts will do everything thinkable to keep you stuck in your timeshare agreement for as long as possible. Their salespeople know there is a very high chance clients will eventually attempt to get out of their timeshare, so they include several stipulations in the agreement that make it much more difficult if the timeshare owners ever decide to cancel. The timeshare resorts are losing money when they have empty units, so their goal is essentially to fill their properties at all costs. They will stoop to unimaginable lows in pressuring and deceiving clients into buying timeshares, but that is minimal to the extent they go into trapping timeshare owners in their timeshares with no end in sight.  

Other than the actual timeshare industry being the main culprit behind the insane difficulty of canceling, there are also the fraudulent scammers who cast a dark shadow over potential legitimate cancellation options. Due to the lack of help from the resort companies, timeshare cancellation emerged as a new industry. An example of this would be Wesley Financial Group, LLC which was founded by a former timeshare salesperson turned cancellation industry pioneer, Chuck McDowell. His company has been providing the easiest route to timeshare cancellation for nearly a decade now, and they continue to give hope to timeshare owners all over the country.

 The Timeshare Industry Makes It Difficult

Let’s take it back now to the wrongdoers of this whole situation, the timeshare industry. If you are a timeshare owner looking to get out, every which way you go to accomplish cancellation will be put to a halt by your resort company. When attempting to cancel or sell your timeshare, the first instinct would probably be to reach out to your company’s representatives for assistance. Well rather than help you, they will instead actively seek out ways to avoid you canceling and may even try to upsell you on a useless and expensive upgrade. 

It all starts with the paperwork. Although it didn’t seem like much when they were rushing you to sign it — or distracting you when trying to read it — in reality, there are a lot of impactful specifications within the paperwork. Timeshare representatives will include numerous clauses and arrangements when filing your purchase so if you do decide to leave your timeshare, it will be exceptionally difficult and the resort company will always be financially protected and legally secured.  

Everything about timeshares is overpriced, so what makes you think canceling won’t be expensive also? Many timeshare salespeople will see it as a vulnerability when you seek out their help to cancel and may use it as an opportunity to take advantage of you once again. Timeshares can make you feel financially helpless in numerous ways, from causing credit card debt to trouble with debt collectors. The only true way to avoid losing money with your timeshare is to never get one to begin with.

Why Is It So Hard To Cancel A Timeshare?

Scams and Frauds

Now that you’ve realized that the timeshare company will not help you with canceling, you may start to look elsewhere. During this time it is highly important to be aware and cautious. The timeshare cancellation industry is still new and starting to expand, so there are occasional scams that pop up and impersonate cancellation companies and then disappear with your hard-earned money. This is shameful and paints a poor image for all the honest and reputable timeshare exit companies.

Let’s go over some red flags to watch for when it comes to deciding on the right company for you. First and foremost, if they are cold calling you out of the blue then there is a very high chance they are a scam. Also, if they are offering you the chance to resell your timeshare immediately with another buyer on the other line, they are attempting to swindle you. Never give a company a downpayment upon your initial contact. Reliable and honorable exit services will not seek payment until you have been officially qualified and will also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if unable to meet cancellation. If you feel trapped with your timeshare and have no other option but a third-party company, carefully research your choices and ensure you are completely comfortable with them before deciding to work together.

So What’s The Best Way To Cancel?

The most reliable, honest, and qualified cancellation company in the industry is Wesley Financial Group, LLC. They are the longest standing company of its kind and offer unmatched termination services for those who were deceived or pressured into a timeshare purchase. When you choose Wesley Financial Group, LLC, you will work with a case specialist who will work with you towards your termination. With a great track record with past clients and a 100% money-back guarantee, they are the finest timeshare cancellation option. Founded in 2011, Wesley Financial Group, LLC has terminated many, many thousands of timeshares since. To find more information on their timeshare cancellation process, here is their contact information:

Website: https://wesleyfinancialgroup.com/

Phone number:  (800) 425-4081

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