How much does it cost to cancel my timeshare?

How much does it cost to cancel my timeshare?

Before anyone signs up for a service they always want to know just how much it’s going to cost them. This also applies to timeshare owners. Being that the majority of owners have already been through a gauntlet of money-sucking timeshare salespeople, it’s very justifiable as to why they’re usually stingy with their funds in the timeshare cancellation process.

It’s tough to say just how much your timeshare cancellation will run you, but it is easier to figure out the value of your cancellation when you take into consideration a few variables. Here’s a look at some of the factors that could either make your cancellation more or less affordable:

  • The type of company that owns your timeshare resort 
  • The length of time you’ve had your timeshare 
  • Whether or not you have a timeshare mortgage loan 
  • The rate of increase for your timeshare maintenance fees
  • Your timeshare sales presentation experience

These factors help trustworthy cancellation companies like Wesley Financial Group, LLC, figure out the degree of difficulty in which your cancellation will be accommodated. This, in turn, will help give you a price point on how much you will have to spend to cancel your timeshare. 

One major benefit – in regards to spending money – of working with Wesley Financial Group, LLC, is the 100% money-back guarantee that their team offers. This means that if your timeshare agreement is not terminated within the agreed-upon time frame, you will receive a full refund from the company. 

How Long Will It Take For My Timeshare To Be Cancelled?

This is an answer that differs for every timeshare owner. Some cases are much more complex than others, which usually means they take a lot longer to cancel. For some owners it could be as little as a couple of months, while others have been known to take as long as a year or more. When you agree to receive cancellation assistance from an accredited company like Wesley Financial Group, LLC, you’re going to go through a five-step process. During this multi-step process, you’ll receive a free consultation, around the clock updates, and confirmation on your cancellation. Here’s a more in-depth look at each step towards your cancellation: 

The Preliminary Dialogue

In this first step, a company representative will reach out to you and provide you with your free consultation. Here you will go over your background information, the story of how you bought your timeshare and any concerns you may have with your current timeshare situation. The representative will then discuss your options and go over the cancellation process and how it applies to your situation.

Review/Approval For Cancellation

The best way to ensure you’re going to get a great cancellation experience is to first make sure you meet the standards for the termination of your timeshare agreement. In this step, you will be assigned a qualification specialist, who will review your timeshare narrative and approve you or disqualify you for cancellation. 

Getting A Quote On Your Cancellation

Every customer is always curious about cost. It’s natural. In this step, someone will contact you to go over the pricing of your cancellation and the factors that were taken into account in order to provide you with a quote. From here, you can move forward with your timeshare cancellation.

How much does it cost to cancel my timeshare?

Facing The Timeshare Giants

Next, your assigned resolution specialist will help start the needed dialogue with your timeshare management group. From there, the process could take anywhere from a few months to a year or longer. However, the refreshing part of this step is the around the clock updates that specialists provide their customers. Being updated on your cancellation is a top priority for the staff at Wesley Financial Group, LLC. 

Timeshare Free

You’ve made it. You’re finally free of your timeshare and will receive confirmation from your resolution specialist. The best part about working with Wesley Financial Group, LLC? If for some reason your timeshare was not cancelled in the agreed upon period of time, you will receive a 100% money back guarantee.

Why Is Selling My Timeshare A Bad Option?

If you’re thinking about trying to sell your timeshare because contacting a cancellation group feels like too much money, think again. The timeshare resale market is a tough niche to navigate. It comes down to simple economics – supply and demand. When it comes to timeshares, a lot of owners first purchased their unit by attending a sales presentation (usually while on vacation). This means that next to no one looks to purchase a timeshare from a current timeshare owner. Meanwhile, with a low satisfactory rate on properties and units, timeshare owners everywhere look for ways out. In turn, this means that if you look to sell your timeshare, you’re going to be facing a lot of competition. A lot of supply, but not a lot of demand. 

Cancellation, however, is a better option because of the higher success rate. When choosing a reputable company like Wesley Financial Group, LLC, you’re going to find that you’re working with a staff committed to making your life much easier. Trying to resell your property could turn into a decade-long process. Meanwhile, terminating your timeshare through an exit company could potentially only take a few months. Not to mention, the satisfaction of knowing that you never have to worry about your name being attached to a timeshare ever again. 


Spending money on something you feel you’ve already lost a ton of money on is never fun. But you have to think about the long term effects. Cancelling your timeshare is much more inexpensive than continuing to pay money for a timeshare property that gives you nothing back in return. 

Rather than trying to sell your timeshare in an already tough market, do your research and find a timeshare cancellation company built on integrity like Wesley Financial Group, LLC. To learn more about Wesley Financial Group, LLC and their cancellation process, be sure to visit their website

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