How do I cancel a timeshare?

How do I cancel a timeshare?

Monthly payments can withhold any family from future financial plans, like sending kids to college or saving up for their next home. This is why timeshare owners everywhere begin to start looking for ways out of their timeshare agreements. These units cost owners thousands of dollars, and the worst part is that most of them rarely ever get to take advantage of their properties. 

Timeshare cancellation is one of the more effective ways to rid yourself of the financial burden that is your timeshare. When attempting to cancel your timeshare, it’s important to remember that your best option for a successful exit strategy is to contact a timeshare exit company. This way you’re able to seek third party assistance rather than just trying to take on the cancellation yourself. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that you want to look for a timeshare exit company with a money-back guarantee, a knowledgeable staff and industry wisdom. One company that fits all of these needs is Wesley Financial Group, LLC. In order to better understand how to cancel a timeshare, let’s take an in-depth look at the cancellation process that takes place for clients of Wesley Financial Group, LLC. 

The Steps To Cancelling Your Timeshare

Like most financial services, timeshare cancellation is a thorough process that consists of multiple steps in order to ensure accuracy, consistency, and, ultimately, success. It should be noted that Wesley Financial Group, LLC only takes clients who have been involved in a dishonest or misleading sales proceeding by a timeshare management company.

The Preliminary Dialogue

In this first step, a company representative will reach out to you and provide you with your free consultation. Here you will go over your background information, the story of how you bought your timeshare and any concerns you may have with your current timeshare situation. The representative will then discuss your options and go over the cancellation process and how it applies to your situation.

Review/Approval For Cancellation

The best way to ensure you’re going to get a positive cancellation experience is to first make sure you meet the standards for the termination of your timeshare agreement. In this step, you will be assigned a qualification specialist, who will review your timeshare narrative and approve you for cancellation. 

Getting A Quote On Your Cancellation

Every customer is always curious about cost. It’s natural. The company vice president will contact you to go over the pricing of your cancellation and the factors that were taken into account in order to provide you with a quote. From here, you can move forward with your timeshare cancellation. 

Facing The Timeshare Giants

Next, your assigned resolution specialist will help start the needed dialogue with your timeshare management group. From there, the process could take anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months. However, the refreshing part of this step is the around the clock updates that specialists provide their customers. Being updated on your cancellation is a top priority for the staff at Wesley Financial Group, LLC. 

Timeshare Free

You’ve made it. You’re finally free of your timeshare and will receive confirmation from your resolution specialist. The best part about working with Wesley Financial Group, LLC? If for some reason your timeshare was not cancelled in the agreed-upon period of time, you will receive a 100% of your money back, guaranteed.

How do I cancel a timeshare?

How Do I Avoid Exit Scams?

It can be easy to be deceived by a fraudulent timeshare exit team. They have seemingly popped up everywhere. Given that we’re in a tough financial year – due to the COVID-19 pandemic – many timeshare exit scam companies have started to realize they can trick even more people into paying money to exit their timeshares. 

If you’re skeptical about a company, make sure none of the below apply to that company. Here are the three red flags that tend to give away that a timeshare exit company is a scam:

  • Little to none timeshare cancellation industry experience 
  • Outsource cases to third parties, such as law firms 
  • Doesn’t offer any sort of money back guarantee programs

Yes, it is understood that every company has to start somewhere, but a lack of experience and/or knowledge of the timeshare industry is a dead giveaway that a company could be trying to scam you out of more money. It can be a copycat industry, so sometimes this is hard to figure out, which is why there are other aspects to look for as well. 

Another obvious indication that a company could be trying to cheat you out of your money is the way it operates in order to rid you of your timeshare. If it immediately turns around and sends your so-called case to a third party law firm, it means it isn’t doing any actual work to try and terminate your timeshare. This should be evident when you inquire about the cancellation process. 

Lastly, should your timeshare not be successfully cancelled, it’s important to ask ahead of time about the pricing and/or refund policy. If a company doesn’t offer a 100% money back guarantee or tries to change the subject of conversation, it could be a sign that they’re just in the business for the money and not to help alleviate your timeshare nightmare. 


Cancelling a timeshare is no simple task. This is why it’s so important to find a timeshare exit company that has a credible reputation of helping clients cancel their timeshares. When contacting a legitimate timeshare exit service like Wesley Financial Group, LLC, it will take multiple steps to ensure your timeshare agreement has been fully terminated. After a free consultation with a representative, you will figure out the pricing of your cancellation before a resolution specialist takes the actions needed to terminate your timeshare. 

Remember, in order to avoid being scammed by a fraudulent exit company you have to look for certain red flags. Little industry experience, outsourcing cases, and not offering a money back guarantee all apply to fake cancellation companies. For more information on a reputable exit company like Wesley Financial Group, LLC, be sure to visit their website

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