Chuck McDowell: He Spoke Up When Others Wouldn’t

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” This is a line from the poem “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley. Such true words can be spoken for our President & CEO, Chuck McDowell. Chuck McDowell epitomizes a person who truly has become the master of his fate, as well as the captain of his soul. Something that we all try to achieve.

Chuck McDowell Stood Up For What Was Right

Timeshare Stoppers - Financial AgreementChuck McDowell worked for a timeshare company, prior to working in the timeshare advocacy industry as he does now. It is at that time that something struck a chord within him. He knew what was going on around him. He started to see the deceptive sales tactics that were used on unwitting people, and he could not stand for it. Not only did Chuck McDowell not want a part of such trickery, but he didn’t want to see people go through that. He decided that something needed to be done. Today, Chuck McDowell is the President & CEO of Wesley Financial Group. He is truly the master of his fate. As timeshare fraud still occurs today, it is apparent that some people turn a blind eye to wrongdoing. What makes some people follow the crowd? Why do some people say nothing about wrongdoings?

Why Some People Don’t Speak Up

When most of us were growing up, we were taught by our guardians and parents to speak up when something wasn’t right. If someone was doing something wrong to someone else, we wouldn’t just sit there and watch it happen. We were taught to speak up. Some people, on the other hand, don’t speak up. We can’t be sure whether it was the way they were raised, or whether it has to do with their experiences in life. Hopefully, if you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve seen something that wasn’t right, you had the knowledge and power to speak up.

But there’s something so irksome about people who don’t stick up for other people, or let bad things happen to people when they could have prevented it from happening. So, the question we ask is, why won’t people speak up when they see something wrong? The Spiral of Silence theory may have some explanation as to that unfortunate phenomenon.

The Spiral of Silence Theory

Timeshare Stoppers - Indulge in ReadingThere are a number of reasons why people may choose not to speak up when they see something wrong. The Spiral of Silence theory is something that may explain why some people choose to say silent, although they feel strongly about a certain thing. Perhaps this theory sheds a little light as to why those who watch timeshare companies use deceptive sales tactics never bat an eye to the bad behavior. Maybe this theory also sheds some light on why some people who work for those timeshare companies that perpetuate fraud continue to work for such companies. In an article by Olga Mecking in The Cut, Mecking takes a look at the Spiral of Silence theory by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann:

“The term was coined by German political scientist Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann in her book The Spiral of Silence: Public Opinion — Our Social Skin, in which she observed that silence can manifest itself in different ways: Both people who hold majority opinions and those in the minority will often keep quiet on issues that are important to them, but they’ll do it for different reasons. But both of those reasons, explains Elizabeth Suhay, a political scientist who studies conformity, stem from a misjudgment about the prevalence of their opinions. “The majority just assumes that everybody thinks like them,” she says, “and people in the minority think they’re the only ones.”” (Mecking, 2017). Here, the article explores the reason why people may not speak up, even when an issue is something that they feel strongly about.

The article continues to explore the theory: “In The Spiral of Silence, public opinion was defined as “attitudes one can express without running the danger of isolating oneself.” According to Noelle-Neumann, most people have an uncanny ability to gauge which opinions are popular at any given moment and act accordingly — which means that people with minority opinions, fearing social isolation, will make a conscious choice not to speak up. “If you’re voicing an opinion that’s quite different from the majority in your group, and if it’s a topic that’s important to a group, then they will judge you negatively,” Suhay explains. Staying within the in-group can be a powerful motivator.” (Mecking, 2017). It appears that the fear of social isolation is one of the main reasons why some people choose not to speak up. What connections can be made between the idea of an “in-group” in the timeshare industry and the deception that perpetuates in certain groups?

Why Do People Let Deceit Perpetuate in the Timeshare Industry?

Perhaps representatives who see the culture of deception in the timeshare industry or representatives who partake in deceptive sales tactics in the timeshare industry, mentally excuse their behavior due to reasons stated in the Spiral of Silence theory. They may see the “in-group” of their timeshare company using deceptive sales tactics and making money off scamming people. They may fear social isolation. If they’ve been doing it for years, they may tell themselves that it is okay to do it. Furthermore, they may not practice deceptive sales tactics themselves, but they may turn a blind eye to the deceitful tactics used by co-workers or other employees in their timeshare company. Let us be clear, we’re not excusing or justifying their poor and inexcusable behavior. We’re just looking at why people may think that it is acceptable to act in such a manner. We are looking at what lies they must tell themselves to keep working in such a workplace.

Timeshare Stoppers - As a TeamHowever, what about Chuck McDowell? He didn’t step aside and continue to let these unfair and deceptive sales tactics be used against people. He refused to partake, and not say anything about what was going on. He decided to do what was right. Chuck McDowell took what he had gained from working in the timeshare industry with unscrupulous characters and used that information against those who were defrauding innocent people. He took a bad situation, and made it a positive not only for himself, but for society at large.

Chuck McDowell: Master of His Fate

Today, Chuck McDowell is the CEO & President of Wesley Financial Group. He proudly leads a company that’s sole purpose is to help people who have been scammed by the timeshare industry. Chuck McDowell is an admirable leader in the timeshare advocacy industry. If you’ve ever been deceived in a timeshare, reach out to our offices at Wesley Financial Group to see what we can do for you. We’re keen on seeing that the deceit in the timeshare industry comes to an end. We speak up when things aren’t right. At Wesley Financial Group, we won’t silently ignore the injustices faced by consumers who have been defrauded by the timeshare industry.

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